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Female Fake Taxi Review

Female Fake Taxi follows the dirty adventures of a female taxi driver. Yes, that means sex in the backseat. But the horny taxi driver swings both ways, so you’ll watch her fucking guys and chicks alike. It’s very, very hot. Join through Female Fake Taxi discount for a special price and check it out; you won’t be disappointed!

Imagine getting on a taxi and finding out that the driver is a female. Not just a female, but a hot female. A gorgeous blonde with gorgeous long hair, big, round boobs, and an amazing ass. Just an amazing body. A total knockout. Now, imagine that the stunning blonde behind the wheel starts chatting you up and showing interest in you. You get a tingly sensation in your balls. Like a weird, sexual “spider-sense” that alerts you something is about to go down. Not only does she take you where you need to be, but she also bangs the fucking shit out of you. The best, unexpected nookie you’ve had in a long time. And it’s not a fucked-up skank; she’s a real stunner. How cool would that be?

Well, that’s the kind of stuff you’ll watch on FemaleFakeTaxi.com. On one of the updates, for example, she picks up a guy that she finds fit. She’s interested in him because he looks very manly. The dude is muscular and has a manly beard. So, she starts asking questions, and it turns out he’s a marine. She gets him talking about his job, and tells him that she thinks his career is impressive and valuable, and that he deserves a reward for that. Then, she tells him that she’d like to give him a bonus. “Oh, yeah?” he says as he rubs his hands. “Like a free cab drive?” he asks. The stunning blonde pulls over and says, “You know what? I can do one better than that.”

The blonde steps out of the car, and gets in again to join the guy in the backseat. She’s excited. Her heart starts beating faster. This kind of naughty thing gets her going. She kisses the manly man while groping his bulge. The marine whips it out, and it’s a pretty big cock. Rock-hard, too. She says, “Oh, yeah,” and starts sucking. You can tell she’s really enjoying it. “Fucking hell, you are filth!” says the dude when he sees the way she goes down on him. Man, it’s a mean blowjob! Wow! Blows your mind just to see how she sucks his dick and his balls with so much passion and enthusiasm. If I ever get a chick that fucks me like this chick fucks this marine, I will fucking marry the shit out of her and settle for good. No kidding.

After the spectacular blowjob, she treats him to an equally spectacular titjob. And she’s got big-ass titties, so it’s really, really good. They bang hard for a while until they’re both covered in sweat. Then, she strokes him to get the jizz out, and it sprays her face. It’s a very, very intense scene. But it’s not the only intense scene on the site. There are more than 240 scenes, all equally exciting. Some of them feature interracial sex, some feature all-girl threesomes, on others the chick gets fucked by two guys at the same time… there’s plenty of entertainment. The content is exclusive, and there’s no download limit. Don’t miss out!