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Ghetto Gaggers Review

There are people out there who prefer their porn to be as downright nasty and degrading as possible. If you happen to be one of them, then this Ghetto Gaggers discount is for you. It is disgusting hardcore porn with lots of mess and tons of cum.

Ghetto Gaggers is brutal face-fucking porn. Some refer to it as a blowjob site, but it is way too extreme for such a bland definition. The girls here are terribly abused, and their throats are stroked raw by unapologetic erections. White men show no mercy to these black chicks as they are made to choke on cock. describes itself as being "White boys conquering angry black women." Right off the bat, I knew that this was going to be a very politically incorrect, boundary-pushing porn site. I was right, but even going in knowing that, the site still manages to shock with just how rough and extreme it gets. It manages to come across as both highly unethical and uncomfortably exciting. I felt bad watching what these girls were put through, but I couldn't turn away.

There are close to 600 scenes inside of the site at the moment. Most of the videos are available in Full HD, and all come with streaming and download options. There is, however, a 20GB daily download limit to keep in mind.

The girls are not pretty pornstars and do look like they are truly ghetto. That might be how they get them to sign up to do these shoots. The girls consent to it, and if they didn't, surely the site would be shut down by now. These black girls are all amateurs and look like they may have really been picked up off the street or approached at a bar. There is no bright-eyed enthusiasm. They know they are there to get fucked and get paid.

There are also several hundred photosets. In fact, there are more picture galleries than videos. If I had to guess, I'd think it might be because some of the scenes were so extreme, girls couldn't make it all the way through so just their pics get shown instead.
In addition to all of the above, a Ghetto Gaggers membership also gets you into all of the Ghetto Doorway porn network.