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Shoplyfter Review

Watch out for Shoplyfter because this is one of the most perverted sites I’ve ever encountered  in the extensive and intangible territory of the World Wide Web. Here’s how this Hardcore/Reality porn site works: Gorgeous teen girls are caught leaving a store with merchandise, articles of clothing, objects, etc. that they haven’t paid for. Yes, these kleptomaniac young girls wanted to get away with stealing, but they’re in for something completely different.

An unscrupulous guard will intercept the girl in question and take her to the “interrogation” room, which is actually more of a storage room. This is when you think: “a storage room? With no one else around? This fucker is up to something!” And yes, that fucker is up to something. He will pull every psychology trick he knows to intimidate the girl and take her to a mental state in which she would be willing to do anything just to get out of the situation without having problems with the law. This is not the first time he’s done it, and he’s quite good at it.

After asking the thief a bunch of questions in a serious tone, the guy will conduct a completely uncalled for strip search, and he’ll get his hands all over the girl. He grabs her boobs, fondles her cameltoe while she’s in her underwear, and does a whole bunch of really inappropriate stuff. Like, why the hell is he fondling her tits when she’s not even wearing her bra anymore? Does he think she must be hiding, I don’t know, a pen under her boob? Anyway, these girls must be incredibly gullible if they still think this guy is for real, but then again, they’re really scared.

Pulling this trick, the guy gets to bang a wide range of incredibly beautiful girls and get away with it. You’ll watch him boning stunning blondes, Ebony girls, brunettes, cute redheads, Asians… this guy is fucking evil! Sometimes he catches two girls trying to steal stuff from the store. He loves it when this happens because it means he gets to have a hot threesome with the two of them. What a bastard! You’ll watch the girls getting down on their knees and sucking his cock, getting their titties fucked, getting facials, taking the load in their mouths, and a whole bunch of nasty stuff.

So far, the site has about 70+ Full HD scenes that last nearly 1 hour on average (59 minutes 23 seconds, for example). As a member you will be able to stream or download these perverted visuals with absolutely no limit and no restrictions. The videos are yours to keep and they will even provide you with multiple formats for them. Along with the scenes, you will also get 70+ high resolution photo galleries available for download as Zip files.

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