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Tainster Review

If you asked me what is the filthiest, messiest, and craziest hardcore porn site on the web, I’d have to go with Tainster.com. This place is big on WAM, pissing, and wild orgies. Going through its collection of, by the way, 4K Ultra HD videos, you’ll watch things like a group of naked men pissing on a fully-clothed woman, swingers going at it, gloryholes, sperm showers, parties that are more orgies than parties, gangbangs, Bukkake, and the list goes on.

This slime-dripping network has more than 18 sites waiting for you to check them out, and they include Party Hardcore, Fully Clothed Pissing, Drunk Sex Orgy, Swinging Pornstars, and Slime Wave. Your membership will get you 6,240+ scenes and the same number of photo galleries (each with an average of 160+ pictures) which you’ll be able to save as Zip files. The content is exclusive and there is no download limit, which means you’re free to keep as many of the videos as you want.

If you get turned on watching girls getting caked with mud, smearing food all over each other, or being sprayed with fake cum that shoots out of a plastic dick, then this is definitely the place for you. On Orgasmatics.com you’ll watch extreme girl-on-girl action featuring vibrators, vibrators, and more vibrators. These chicks will make each other cum hard for the camera and they’ll end up all messy, covered with sweat and other bodily fluids, often times still wearing all of their articles of clothing. You’ll find plenty of good action there.

Cumsquad.com is basically all about a girl being the center of attention in a blowbang, and then getting showered with loads and loads of thick, bubbly jizz. And yes, still with her clothes on! (this site seems big on fully clothed sex).There’s more clothed sex at My Fetish, where the girls engage in either lesbian or straight hardcore action while wearing fancy, “shiny” clothes. If you’re into femdom, then you’ll love going through the collection of videos on Tyrannized.com. On this site men are either two things: bitches or ashtrays.

On All WAM you’ll watch chicks getting completely covered with a wide range of slimy substances: kitchen oil, whipped cream, egg yolk, paint, etc. And guess what. They’re fully clothed too! I think you can pretty much figure out what happens on sites like Fully Clothed Pissing, Pissing In Action, and Peesquad. You’ll enjoy watching urine-drenched threesomes, foursomes, and lesbian sex with teens and MILFs alike, with the slight difference that on PeeSquad is about one girl in the middle being pissed on by a gang of men surrounding her.

This is the kind of action that is not for everybody, but for those who dig it… wow! You’ll have a blast! Tainster discount will get you a full access pass (all benefits included) for a much more economic price. Take the deal before the offer expires and enjoy getting soaked in different kinds of bodily fluids and whatever sticky, gooey, slimy substance these chicks can get their hands on.

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